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Introducing StopThatScratch – The Easiest Way to Protect Your Bike

Posted by Marc Michelsen on

Never ones to rest on our laurels, we’ve had a busy few months developing our new range. It’s time to introduce StopThatScratch, the simple way to protect bicycles from scratches and scuffs.

Cycling is increasingly popular, both as a leisure activity and a way to get fit. More people are also using bicycles as an everyday mode of transport as they try to reduce their carbon footprint and use cars less frequently. It’s estimated there are already more than two billion bikes in use around the world, and that figure is expected to rise to five billion by 2050.

Whatever your cycling habits, being out on the roads exposes your bike to wear and tear. Loose stone chips, high curbs and other hazards soon leave their mark, spoiling the appearance of your bike. Just as with a car, as well as looking unsightly those scratches and scuffs can lead to corrosion if left untreated. So, whether you’ve invested in a top-of-the-range racing bike or an everyday model for more leisurely use, it makes sense to look after it.

Preventing daily wear and tear

That’s where StopThatScratch comes in.

StopThatScratch works on the same lines as its sister product, HideThatScratch. It’s an ultra-thin transparent adhesive film with an industry-approved clear coating. It’s been specially developed to withstand the demands of daily bicycle use, protecting your frame and keeping it looking good.

It takes moments to apply and provides high UV resistance, defending your bike against fading or discoloration. StopThatScratch uses EZFIX technology, which has been aggressively tested by automotive manufacturers to ensure its durability and protective qualities.

As with HideThatScratch, each StopThatScratch patch is thinner than a single human hair. The edges are kiss-cut at a specific angle to ensure a smooth edge on application; as well as ensuring the result is nearly invisible to the naked eye, this prevents dust build-up or peeling edges.

Looking good for longer

If you’re a regular bicycle user, you might have personalized yours in some way. Or perhaps your child has a new bike, themed to their latest favorite movie, and you’re looking for a way to stop it getting damaged.

Because it’s transparent, the beauty of StopThatScratch is that it offers maximum protection without covering up the colors or details that make your bicycle yours. Clean the area, apply the StopThatScratch patch, and you’re good to go; if the patch gets damaged, simply remove it and apply another; your paintwork is still unblemished.

Find out more

We’re looking forward to new and existing customers finding out that StopThatScratch is every bit as good at protecting their bikes as HideThatScratch is at repairing their car wheels. Head over to our new website here for more information and a link to our web shop.