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6 Great Car Gadgets You Never Knew You Needed

Posted by Marc Michelsen on

Are you a fan of long-distance road trips, or do you use your car mainly for commuting and domestic chores? No matter what kind of motorist you are, there’ll be a gadget that will make the journey easier, more fun or will prove its worth in an emergency.

We’re all in favor of improving the driving experience, and there’s no shortage of practical accessories, luxury add-ons or must-have tech. We’ve rounded up six of our favorites here.

  1. A night-vision system

Even the best drivers can struggle to see at night. Bad weather conditions may make it more difficult, or perhaps fatigue has set in. So it’s good to have a little help sometimes to make driving at night that bit easier.

There are many makes and models to choose from, but the Landmodo Night Vision System is a good place to start. It sits securely on your vehicle’s dashboard and offers 1080p HD resolution, providing a clear image of the road for up to 300m ahead. There’s also the option to add on a rear-view camera if your vehicle doesn’t have one already.

  1. Tire pressure monitor

Tires that are properly inflated wear more evenly, increase your vehicle’s fuel efficiency, and make for better handling and improved safety. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with a handheld gauge, but the Fobo Tire Plus is tire pressure monitoring for the 21st century.

A series of Bluetooth gauges relay information directly to your smartphone, alerting you when tire pressure is getting too low. The app is easy to use and includes a tutorial to make sure installing the system is simplicity itself.

  1. Coffee on the go

Are you one of those people who can’t face the day until their caffeine levels have been restored? You’re certainly not alone! It’s not always possible to stop off at a coffee shop in the morning, so the Nanopresso is our favorite rush hour companion.

It’s hand-operated with a piston pump to pressurize the water and give you freshly brewed coffee. There’s an attachment to brew a double shot, and another to carry hot water in an insulated reservoir. Good news if you’re a Nespresso user, too – it’s compatible with the capsules.

  1. Emergency exit

It’s impossible to predict when you’ll have a car accident, so it’s best to make sure you’re prepared. The Ztylus Stinger is a great utility gadget to have on your side in an emergency. If your door is jammed or the car windows won’t open, it can break you out. An integral slim blade will slice through most seatbelts if they’re stuck.

It’s portable, can be stored safely in your glove compartment, and even doubles up as a USB charger. It’s great value for money, too.

  1. A portable jump starter

Most of us know how irritating – and inconvenient – it can be when your car won’t start. A flat battery never happens at a good time. Instead of calling your breakdown service or waiting for a helpful Good Samaritan to stop and help, invest in a portable device like the Arteck Car Jump Starter 8000MAH.

It comes with heavy-duty cables and clamps built in and will jump-start your car up to 20 times on a single charge. It can also be used to charge your other devices, such as smartphones, tablets, headphones and portable games consoles, and it features a powerful LED torch.

  1. The Tile Mate key fob

One of those ‘so simple, it’s brilliant’ ideas. Hands up – how many of you have spent valuable time hunting for your car keys when you’ve misplaced them?

Tile Mate is Bluetooth enabled and fits easily on your key fob, allowing you to track your keys on the mobile app. Ideal for house keys, too. And if you have your keys but can’t find your phone, there’s a button you can press to ping your device – even if it’s on silent.