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EZFIX is a Comfort in Color B.V. (CIC) brand.

CIC is a partnership between Marc Michelsen and Phil Coady, both driven and enthusiastic entrepreneurs with a wealth of experience in the transport coatings sector.

Marc, CIC’s founder, has held high-level corporate roles in several areas including business development, marketing, communications and sustainability. On top of his ‘normal’ duties, he has always had a habit of dreaming up new and innovative projects and turning them into successful concerns.

“When the opportunity arose to start my own business, it felt like a logical step,” he says. “EZFIX is a fantastic product and I’m driven to making it a great success. I’m known as someone who gets things done, and I’m confident Comfort in Color will be successful because Phil and I make a powerful team – as we proved when we worked together in the past.” 

Between them, the duo has strong connections and a huge amount of technical and operational knowledge in the global car manufacturing and aftermarket. Their in-depth knowledge of the performance coatings world means they are confident they have what it takes to make EZFIX a success.

“I was previously involved in film technology innovation as a replacement for traditional car repair processes,” says Phil, CIC’s managing partner.
“In the past five years I have started, grown and subsequently sold my own consultancy business, and the chance to work with Marc on EZFIX came at just the right time. I love the product, there’s already great interest from the market, and I know Marc is both a creative and excellent business developer.”

Their international commercial and operational backgrounds, combined with the unique technology they are developing, means EZFIX is in prime position to become a household name.