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FORD - Imola Grey

FORD - Imola Grey




This A7 pack of EZFIX contains 6 repair patches in Imola Grey suitable for Ford wheels pictured below and for others on the following models: KA, FIESTA, FOCUS, MONDEO, C-MAX, GRAND C-MAX, S-MAX, GALAXY, EDGE, KUGA, ECOSPORT, PUMA

EZFIX is extremely easy to use and the colour match is perfect.

Before applying, please take a couple of minutes to look at the application videos 

Car wheel rim repair

Car wheel rim repair

In winter conditions, we recommend using a hairdryer to heat the EZFIX for 15 to 20 seconds before bending round the rim of the car wheel.

After application, leave for 48 hours before washing your car. EZFIX is completely resistant to automatic car washes and if you wish to pressure wash your wheels stay 12 inches away with a wide jet angle and it will be fine.