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What is EZFIX for wheels?

Can EZFIX for wheels be used on the complete wheel or just the wheel rim?

Is EZFIX just for wheels?

How do you guarantee the colour will match?

Is EZFIX expensive?

Is EZFIX safe?

How long can EZFIX be stored?

How long will EZFIX stay on my car wheel rim?

Why is EZFIX better than an aerosol spray repair solution or a touch up pen?

What kind of wheel damage can EZFIX be used on?

How do I apply EZFIX?

How do I remove EZFIX?

What if I can’t find my car brand, colour or wheel type?

What methods of payment are possible?

How is EZFIX shipped?

How do I return my purchase and get a refund?

How do I place an order?

Will sales tax be included?

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