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7 Great Christmas Gift Ideas for Car Lovers

Posted by Marc Michelsen on

Now we’re into December, there’s no putting it off any longer – it’s time to think about Christmas shopping, if you haven’t already started. Some people are easy to buy for, while others have us tearing our hair out and crossing our fingers that they’ll love whatever we choose.

While we can’t suggest the perfect gift for everyone, we can help if you’re wondering what to buy the car lover in your life. From the motorsport fan to the weekend tourer, check out our top picks for some ideas.

An in-car phone holder

A decent in-car mount for your phone mount can make life so much easier when you’re traveling. That said, when we change our devices so regularly (and they seem to alter in size with each new generation), you probably won’t want to spend a fortune on one.

We love this universal phone holder from iOttie, which features a one-touch system for both lock and release. It can be adjusted to fit various iOS and Android devices, and a new telescopic arm allows for closer screen viewing. There’s also an adjustable bottom foot, so your device can be charged while still firmly anchored.

The name’s Bond…

The Aston Martin DB5 is synonymous with MI5 agent James Bond, and arguably the most popular of all vehicles driven by the character on screen. The DB5 first appeared in Goldfinger back in 1964, just a year after it was first manufactured. More recently, it was seen in 2012’s Skyfall.

If you can’t afford the real thing, we’d bet a die-cast model would go down a treat. There are plenty of other options for non-Bond-loving car fans on the Eaglemoss Die-Cast Club site, too.

A HideThatScratch gift card

Obviously, the ideal stocking-filler this Christmas is a gift card. Our high-tech microfilm patches use EZFIX for Wheels technology and professional auto coatings to give the perfect color match for any make and model – the results are nearly invisible to the naked eye.

Gift cards are available in various denominations starting at just 10 and are delivered electronically – so need to worry whether it will arrive in the post. When the time comes, ordering the right patch is fast and simple, and there’s free shipping throughout Europe. Click here to order your HideThatScratch gift card.

Portable jump-starter

Most drivers will carry a set of jump leads in their car for those flat-battery moments. However, they’ll only help get you back on the road if there’s another vehicle to connect them to.

Solve that problem with a self-contained jump-start unit. Essentially a portable car battery, some come with extra features such as a built-in flashlight – useful if your car won’t start at night – and at least one USB port for charging mobile devices. There are many different packs available, but you’ll find some of the best current models here.

A high-tech key finder

We all know the frustration of not being able to find our car keys – and it always seems to happen when we’re in a rush! The Tile Mate Key Finder offers the perfect solution.

The ‘tile’ is attached to a key ring and syncs to your smartphone via Bluetooth. The Tile App lets the user track down their keys using GPS. In fact, this nifty little gadget can be used to keep tabs on far more than just car keys – we bet you won’t be able to resist buying one for yourself!

A pair of leather driving gloves

They’ve received some harsh treatment over the years, but leather driving gloves are making a comeback. No longer seen as the uncool preserve of the older generation, they keep your hands warm and ensure a firm grip on the steering wheel. They also prevent the transfer of dirt and oil, which build up over time, from your hands.

There are so many designs and colors available, you’re sure to be able to find a pair that matches the recipient’s style or even the color of their car.

Their own racetrack

Okay, so buying a racetrack is a bit out of the average price range – but you could scale it down a bit. A Scalextric set is something children long for, but which adults tend to appreciate. There’s no end of accessories available, plus replica race cars from series such as Formula 1 and the British Touring Car Championship. Let the motorsport addict in your life recreate their favorite tracks – or perhaps they’d prefer a Looney Tunes battle between Daffy Duck and Bugs Bunny!