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6 Great Gifts for Car-Mad Dads This Father’s Day

Posted by Marc Michelsen on

Now we’re into June, Father’s Day is just around the corner for many of us – in the UK, US and some European countries, it traditionally falls on the third Sunday of the month. It’s a chance to celebrate our dads and all they do, and if you’re stuck for gift ideas don’t worry. We’ve done the legwork to come up with some great suggestions for every dad who cherishes his pride and joy – the four-wheeled version, that is. Take a look at our pick of Father’s Day gifts for car lovers.

The EZFIX gift card

Scuffs and scratches on wheel rims are the bane of many a motorist’s life, spoiling their car’s otherwise perfect appearance. Show your dad you care while giving him the freedom to pick exactly the right shade for his car. Our EZFIX for Wheels patches are the quick and easy way to restore a pristine finish.

Gift cards are available from 10 and delivered electronically – so no worrying whether it will arrive in the post. When the time comes, ordering the right patches from our website is a fast and simple process, and we offer free shipping in the UK and Europe. Click here to order your gift card.

Super-absorbent microfiber cloth

Practical presents for motoring enthusiasts are always a good idea. If your dad spends hours cleaning his car, why not make the job as easy as possible for him? Microfiber clothes are the best choice because they’re soft, absorbent and tend to be long-lasting. They do a great job whether it’s washing and removing dirt or applying wax and polishing. They’re also relatively inexpensive.

There are many different brands on the market, but we really like these large size cloths from VibraWipe – you can buy them in a pack of eight, which should keep your dad going for a while.

Keep it clean

Regular washing and detailing is one of the most important car maintenance tasks there is. We buy so many products over time, most of us can probably admit to a collection of half-used bottles of shampoo or tubs of polish chosen for a specific vehicle.

It’s time to treat your father to a new complete car care kit. Many brands offer smart storage bags, packed with everything from screen wash to wax. (Riwax is one of our favourites – see their range here.) They look great and will encourage him to keep everything together – and hopefully dispose of everything he no longer needs!

Brush up on DIY

A knowledge of basic car maintenance is something all motorists should have. Your car-mad dad probably already knows a fair bit, but as vehicles get more advanced and technologies evolve, it’s important to keep up to date.

One option could be an up-to-date manual for his current make and model. Alternatively, you could look at maintenance courses run by a local workshop or community college, or online – you’ll find levels for everything from beginner to advanced.

Pile on the pressure

If you’re feeling generous, a pressure washer is the ultimate way to recreate the drive-in car wash experience at home. It will make short work of tree sap, bird droppings and other contaminants that, left unchecked, can damage bodywork but which often need considerable elbow grease to remove.

It’s important not to use too high a pressure on car paintwork, but there are plenty of models with suitable power and water flow levels to clean vehicles safely and effectively at home. You’ll find some great tips here. 

Rescue package

A good breakdown service is invaluable, especially for anyone who drives a lot or enjoys exploring more out-of-the-way locations. Unfortunately, many people only realize this when it’s too late and they’re struck by the roadside.

Most companies offer a range of plans, from basic rescue and recovery to more extensive options with complementary hire car hire, hotel accommodation and international rescue. If your dad already has a plan in place, a great gift idea for Father’s Day would be to upgrade his membership to one of the higher-tier options.